The importance of international public relations between the cyber world of world trade and online free market, where about 105 countries live, has never been as important as it is today, which Pakistan has been trying to develop since day one. One year after the establishment of Pakistan, Pakistan became a member of the United Nations and not only strengthened its relations with the United States to promote international peace and brotherhood, but also entered into technical and financial cooperation.
There have been many ups and downs in the history of relations and assistance between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but you can’t forget the services of USA in Education sector which got faster and better after 9/11.
In order to promote quality education in Pakistan, the United States introduced educational reforms in the name of Education Sector Reforms Assistance (ESRA) in January 2002, under which, focusing on the quality of education, the construction and innovation of schools, colleges and universities, not only students given Scholarships but especially focused on the education of girls.Also trained teachers on modern lines. Not only this, but by providing training to the management of schools, colleges, university faculties, they also made them aware of the requirements of “Online Digital Education”.
In 2003, the United States started the Educated FATA campaign by starting a program to construct and repair 65 primary and high schools in 5 agencies of FATA. The year 2010 was a significant development in the promotion of education and literacy in Pakistan, when The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched a comprehensive program on primary, secondary and higher quality education in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and four provincial governments, including Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Fulbright Scholarships for Pakistani students to study in the United States Funding for need-based scholarships for higher education.A group of students, teachers and parents was formed with the cooperation of “USAID Program” and “Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan” to evaluate and improve the performance of students.
In 2003, an agreement was signed between the government of Pakistan and the US government to start a comprehensive program of collaboration and cooperation on science and technology, which opened the way for the promotion of science in Pakistan and our inventor students participated in science fairs like Google, Intel. Not only that, our scientific mind inventors have demonstrated their ability in Russian science fairs, in which the Urdu media remained silent, but the English media showed prudence and seriousness.
From the fiscal year 2004 to 2005, US aid for the promotion of primary education and literacy in Pakistan increased from 28 million dollars to 66 million dollars. HEC Pakistan and the National Academy of Sciences(NAS) USA to strengthen and expand the links of Pakistani scientists with their American counterparts and scientifically and technologically advanced institutions and universities. of Science.
In 2007, $110 million was given for the development and education of FATA. 2008 was the year of collaboration between American and Pakistani scientists. 50 million dollars in aid was approved for the reconstruction of schools and health centers those destroyed by the earthquake in Kashmir. In order to achieve the educational goals, USAID started a project called “Pakistan Reading Program”, which designed to increase the literacy of 2 million children, providing training to more than 51,500 students, teachers, and officials. More than 19,500 gifted and talented students were awarded scholarships for higher education in the United States.
A welcome change came in 2014 when 50% of the scholarships were given to more than 6,000 women. 86,000 children are benefiting from education and teaching reforms.More than 600 schools built and renovated across Pakistan with American support. Established teacher training centers that enabled approximately 578,000 girls to access education. With this support, more than 12,000 women have been equipped with education. The year 2012 brought increased strenthening and empowerment of women as more than 9,000 women directly entered the job market. Provided health and legal facilities to more than 513,000 women, also provided counseling services to about 59,000 women victims of gender-based violence.
On October 2015, the United States announced 70 million dollars in aid for the education of Pakistani girls. Currently, more than 200,000 girls between the ages of 10 and 19 are benefiting from “USAID Girls’ Education Programs” under the name of “Let Girls Read!” The effects of the launched program are emerging rapidly, the attention of parents on girls’ education has increased, which should not be frowned upon to say that the American gift of a well-educated Pakistan. In the same year, 649 million dollars to promote primary education. On October 22, a consensus was reached on the establishment of the “Pakistan-USA Knowledge Corridor”. The platform of the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEEP) helps Pakistanis by organizing educational weeks, sports, arts and cultural festivals in different cities.
The United States, under the USAID program, has reformed the education system by supporting a platform for religious harmony among different religions through the curriculum and the academy, especially religious education in Pakistan, to eradicate terrorism and illiteracy. Science fairs wera organized regularly to promote science and technology in Pakistan. Various American delegates visited Pakistan to promote educational culture. Several MoUs were signed between different universities of USA and Pakistan.
The United States organized workshops and training sessions in Pakistan for public relations between the two countries. To highlight the educational and cultural awareness between the American and Pakistani people and increase mutual understanding, the Bureau of the Educational and the Cultural Affairs ( BECA) was established to strengthen Pakistan-US relations and pave the way for peaceful development.

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