Pakistan Calls For UN-Resolution-Based Solution For Palestine

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan emphasized on Friday the country’s call for resolving the Palestine conflict in line with United Nations resolutions.

During a weekly briefing, Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch mentioned Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s ongoing visit to China with a high-level delegation. This visit included significant meetings between Chinese and Pakistani officials, where they discussed various global and regional issues in depth.

Baloch highlighted that Prime Minister Sharif engaged with numerous investors in Shenzhen, China, encouraging Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan.

The spokesperson also noted that Pakistan garnered support from 182 members for its bid for permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

She affirmed Pakistan’s commitment to playing an active role in the Security Council and contributing to global prosperity.

Baloch condemned the Israeli forces’ actions in Palestine, reiterated Pakistan’s call for a resolution in accordance with UN resolutions, and urged for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

She further reported that over 7,000 people have lost their lives in occupied Kashmir over the past decade, reaffirming Pakistan’s continued support for the Kashmiri people until the issue is resolved.

Additionally, the Foreign Office announced that Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar would visit Istanbul to present Pakistan’s position on the Gaza conflict and meet with foreign ministers from various countries.

پنھنجي راءِ لکو