Aleem Khan Apprises Chines Investors About Business Prospects In Pakistan’s Economy

ISLAMABAD- Minister for Privatization and board of Investment Abdul Aleem Khan on Thursday said that the government had introduced special measures like ease of doing business and a one-stop-shop to facilitate foreign as well as local investors to attract investment and promote joint ventures in the country.

Abdul Aleem Khan along with Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan held a meeting with the Chairman of the Chinese Group of Companies Li Qiwang in Beijing and apprised him that the investment process in Pakistan for domestic and foreign investors is being made easier, said a press release.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that special incentives and facilities for investment from China in Pakistan will also be given, including special economic zones, maximum facilities at ports and special banking packages for import and export.

He said that the Pakistan Business Portal is also being established to encourage investors, besides unnecessary obstacles in the way of investment were also removed and online facilities were being ensured.

These steps would reduce the difficulties of the investors and enable them to get maximum work done in the shortest possible time and they will have an opportunity to complete more work for the accomplishment of their business activities.

The ministers Abdul Aleem Khan and Jam Kamal Khan also spent a busy day in Beijing held meetings with Chinese business groups regarding the promotion of trade activities in Pakistan and told them that Pakistan intends to promote bilateral trade with China.

They said that successful visit of the Prime Minister to China will have a positive impact on the national economy and help in industrial growth as well as economic development of the country.

پنھنجي راءِ لکو